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Så fin du er

Så fin du er

med det høye hårfestet

Du som

i øyekroken kan se en

skygge av redsel

i en annens smil

Så fin du er

du får andre til å hvile

og være

seg selv

Så fin

når du hilser til rynker i speilet

stryker tilfreds over


ikke operér!

Så fin!

Jeg liker deg!




How pretty you are

with the high hairline

Awesome You

in the corner of the eye you can see 

shadow of sadness

in someone else’s smile

How pretty you are

You make others feel

At ease

And allow them to be


So nice

when you greet wrinkles in the mirror

And gently tap your

muffin stomach,

No plastic surgery!

So beautiful you are!

I like you!



I am a mother of 3 teenagers, journalist of education, and interested in everything from politics, theater, spirituality, music, literature, food, design, children´s upbringing, agriculture, knitting, painting, nature, philosophy...yes the whole universe...

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