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Local second hand shop ideas

In the process of retting rid of unnecessary plastic in the household, the local second hand shop could be very helpful in finding sustainable containers in glass. For a dollar or so, you can for example buy glass containers to store food and leftovers in instead of plastic. And they look so pretty!

Når man er i ferd med å kvitte seg med unødvendig plast i husholdningen, kan den lokale bruktbutikken være svært nyttig når man skal finne bærekraftige beholdere . For en tier eller så kan du for eksempel kjøpe glassbeholdere for å lagre mat og rester i stedet for plast. Og de ser så pene ut!


I am a mother of 3 teenagers, journalist of education, and interested in everything from politics, theater, spirituality, music, literature, food, design, children´s upbringing, agriculture, knitting, painting, nature, philosophy...yes the whole universe...

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