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What about pasta?

As you know, when you are not supposed to eat much carbs, you should avoid pasta. But your family want pasta and you want to eat what they eat? I found a product that is sort of helping, even if it is a little different in consistency and taste. I tested it out today, and it is not too bad… When I make ordinary pasta for my kids, I make a little saucepan of this fake pasta to me. It is made from flour from a Japanese root called Konyaku, and it is sold in health food stores, at least here in Norway. It is called “Better than pasta” and is organic, gluten free, wheat free, fat free, sugar free, zero carbs and a fibre source 🤪. You have to rinse it first in cold water, and preferably let it soak a while and rinse again. Then sim it for 2 minutes. ( I got a tip afterwards I will try out tomorrow to get a more pleasant structure in the pasta, it is a little “rubbery”)

Tip: Rinse them really well and pan-fry them without oil or other liquid in order to remove as much water as possible. The less water that remains, the better the texture will be.

Today was dinner ready in 10 minutes: Pastashells for the kids and Konyaku-spagetti for me, and a lot of minced meat with a pre-made Arribiata-saus ( 5 g carbs per 100 gram). I love easy sometimes!


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